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Kenyeres Elemér

He was born 31 January 1891 in Pusztamagyaród, where his father workes as a cantor and teacher. The family moved to Diósgyőr in 1901.

He continued his studies in Miskolc and Eger; he learnt Philosophy, German, French and English, as well.

He graduated as a teacher in 1914.
He fought as a volunter in the first World War, he got several valour medals.

He worked for the Training College for Kindergarten Teachers from 1919, from 1923 he was a secretary of Kisdednevelők Országos Egyesülete and editor of Kisdednevelés magazine.

In 1924 he graduated as a Doctor of Pedagogy, Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Budapest.

In 1926 he got a pedagogy scholarship at the University of Geneva. He worked for the University of Physical Education from 1929.

He was the secretary-general of the Magyar Gyermektanulmányi és Lélektani Társaság, he set up Montessori classes at Brunszvik Teréz Training College for Kindergarten Teachers.
He worked with all his heart; his works are valuable in the development of pedagogy.
He worked with children and edited picture books that developed children's morals and taste.

His works:
A kisdednevelés elméletének fejlődése
A gyermek első szavai és a szófajok fellépése
A gyermek beszédének fejlődése
A gyermek gondolkodásának és világfelfogásának fejlődése

Once he said: 'Love of children does not satisfy us. Our motto is: Love and get acquainted with them! Get acquainted them to love, educate and guard in a better way.'

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